* Backpack (GREGORY) and beacon (If necessary) probe, shovels are tour include,
  and emergency provisions (snack and drink such as the chocolates) are necessary for the customer of NisekoKotobuki

* but beakon \1.000 , SKI(DYNASTAR widefat ski) \3,500- one by one

* following and participation of each course.
  To shoulder the backpack, to become accustomed to the slipping thing,
  and to defend the back and the waist when ..tree collision.. falling, it thinks by all means ..would like of me you to understand...
  The back is also warm, and it is easy when becoming accustomed.
 There are goggle helmet (CARRERA) and stock (BlackDiamond), too. tour include

* We will all lend the above-mentioned skiing gear free of charge excluding emergency provisions. but Charge according to rental ski

* About the property
  Skiing, the stock, the ski suit, the goggle, the knit hat, and the glove are always necessary.
 The cold can be surpassed when there is inner a down, too (It is an article to be put in the backpack).
 We are carrying without fail. For the female, it is especially recommended.

* NisekoKotobuki is selling the above-mentioned skiing gear.

* Insurance, the MilkKoubou soft ice cream, and meeting and sending off ( ski area 〜 NisekoKotobuki 〜 hotel) are contained.
  Please give the business mind of each one to the lift ticket.

 "Intermediate and woman and family and expert" is welcomes.

NisekoKotobuki hopes for meeting on the day before the tour if time is possible.
Because the ski area in Niseko is long the slipping distance, and unexpectedly tired, the rest is taken. Please relieve.
Let's spend a season wonderful not to overwork mutually, and so as not to injure.

OPTION + movie/tour ←check!

Complete Private
マウンテンバイク MTB
DYNASTAR Test Base Camp/rental SKI
スキーエスコート ski escort
Copyright (C)Niseko Kotobuki , All right reserved.

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ski escort / lesson / ski renral

  I will be included insurance in the above-mentioned, and to protect one's family to enjoy risky natural other party's sports,
recommend the thing that oneself also joins insurance.
There is a day that can be accepted on that day though the above-mentioned each course is basically an appointment system, too. Please inquire.
  The cancellation until the day before is 80% for three days, and the cancel charge of 100% will be generated on that day.

Moreover, there is bad weather by the low-pressure when the tour is canceled. Please acknowledge it.

Half a day
・3 person \30000- , 2 person \25000- , 1 person \20000-
  One person addition + \5000-. the charge by four people or more by three people

 ・Set before ski area the foot of a mountain and time of lift operation hope for time 8:30〜11:00
  It is a set in the ski area the foot of a mountain where 13:00〜15:30 is wanted.

  ・3 person \39000- , 2 person \30000- , 1 person \25000-
 One person addition + \7000-. the charge by four people or more by three people

 ・The set lunch(each person)becomes a ski area the foot of a mountain for which it hopes at time 8:30〜13:30 in the ski area.

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Skiing Escort

 It becomes perfection, complete, private in there is no share.

Powder Skiing
Powder Escort
カヤックツアー  Kayak Tour
 ・Plus \10000 ..above-mentioned course..-